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About Me

秋弦めい (Mei Akizuru) a.k.a. mayth

  • 2015 - now: Engineer (@ Tokyo)
  • 2011 - 2015: University of Tsukuba

member of:

Loves: 多々良小傘 (Kogasa Tatara)

Likes: Ruby, C#, Rhythm Games (REFLEC BEAT, SOUND VOLTEX, CHUNITHM, etc.)



Repository: mayth/parasol

Parasol is a score server for Jeopardy style CTF (Capture the Flag) contest. It was developed for tkbctf at first.

Refixative (DEAD)

Repository: mayth/refixative

Refixative is a score tool for REFLEC BEAT colette. for colette? Yes, for colette, not groovin'!! nor VOLZZA. I planned to develop a new score tool supporting VOLZZA but I have no plenty of time.